Corporate TV

Mediafone produces content for Corporate TV.

Corporate TV is a creative way of internal corporate communication. Alongside the traditional marketing, such as posters, brochures and panels, the Corporate TV combines audio content, video and text to convey messages in an interactive and appealing way.

Corporate television, whether public or private, lets you create a custom channel to disseminate relevant information about your company:

– Presentation of products and services;
– Calendar of events;
– Local and national news:
– News employees;
– Corporate information or institutional;
– Awareness campaigns.

The installation of corporate messages in places attended by your customers (internal or external) can provide interactive, flexible and engaging information.

Corporate TVs may reduce the perception of waiting for care facilities to the public, such as shops, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, clinics, health clubs, gyms.
Corporate content is developed articulating audio, text and video content to convey a clear and compelling message to the public. Programming multimedia messages allows you to have a means of elaborate and effective communication to reach the widest possible audience.

With experience and creativity of our creative team, we produce multimedia content for Corporate TV, with animated graphics, infographics, promotional videos, reports, presentations and campaigns.

Our services include copywriting suggestion, professional voiceover, image capture, graphic animation, video production, presentations, photography.
In addition to the production of content, Mediafone provides the technology for the construction of Corporate TV and Web TV.

Contact us and we suggest the best solution for your company.

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