About Us

Mediafone has a mission to help its clients by creating multimedia content that, through the optimization of digital means for sharing, makes it possible to reach a greater number of clients/consumers, contributing to the expansion of our clients business.

Mediafone offerers services that promote the interaction between the modern and perfected institutional corporate image in the communication areas and multimedia contents using human and technological resources in creative, innovative and personalized ways.

In exercise, Mediafone privileges its strict relation with the client, creating trust bonds. Through a consultative approach, we answer to each clients specific needs, providing a solution to their identifiable problems.

The value proposition that Mediafone presents the market is its capability to provide quality solutions that are adapted to each client, resulting in a specific know how with over 12 years of experience.

Quality / ISO 9001

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Política de Privacidade

Avenida João Crisóstomo, 32 – 1º Esq.
1050-127 Lisboa — Portugal
Tel:  + 351 217801373

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