Corporate Radio

It’s an excellent marketing tool, for both product and service promotion among clients and to develop internal campaigns with co-workers. A tastefully sound filled atmosphere creates more pleasant spaces, increases the time people stay in one spot and potentially increase sales.

To accompany the shop’s ambient music, Mediafone provides Corporate Radio. It is a highly customizable radio for any company or brand, with content production and periodical information updates.

Corporate Radio is created in accordance to each company’s marketing needs and objectives, allowing for brand, services and/or product promotion, focus ongoing campaigns and share all information that a company finds relevant to pass to their clients during their visit to the shop.

With our broadcasters’s creativity and experience  in radio broadcasting and our own creative team we are able to provide our clients with content that will make their customers feel like they are toning in to ‘your radio’.

Mediafone adapts the installation of this customizable service to each client’s existing ambience sound system.

Challenge us to surprise you with a custom example!

Listen to some examples of Corporate Radio messages here:

Corporate Radio

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