Vocal Guides / IVR

To answer the needs of more demanding clients that worry about the quality of a companies answering service Mediafone provides personalized message services through vocal guides.

Custom Vocal Guides are vocal messages made for the phone answering system of companies – IVR systems, call-centres or communication services which allow for answering optimization.

Listen here to some IVR examples::

IVR example 1 language PT
IVR example 2 languages PT|EN
IVR example 2 languages PT|EN broadcaster PT
IVR example 3 languages PT|EN|FR
IVR example 4 languages PT|EN|FR|ES

Mediafone’s Vocal Guide service provides:

  • Suggestion of custom scripts when necessary;
  • Background music choosing that matches company profile and message;
  • Broadcaster choosing that matches the company identity;
  • Multilingual option – a great variety of native broadcasters in every necessary language;
  • Own studio recording;
  • Advising in regards to the best hardware or service.

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