Custom Phone Holding

It is a custom solution that allows for phone holding with better quality with the use of customized messages (promotional or institutional) during holding or call retainment periods.

Listen here to some examples:

Phone Holding Example 1 language PT
Phone Holding Example 2 languages PT|EN
Phone Holding Example 2 languages FR|PT
Phone Holding Example 3 languages PT|EN|FR
Phone Holding Examples 4 languages PT|EN|FR|ES

Phone Holding creates potential in your relationship with your clients, with messages that pass on information regarding organization, enhance product and services knowledge, strengthen the company/customer bond, increase sales and above all reduce the waiting feeling, creating a more pleasant atmosphere with relevant information so that your client might get to know the company better.

The Phone Holding message may have two main purposes:

  • Institutional – Transmits institutional information regarding your company, it’s values, vision, activities, answering or working hours, location;
  • Promotional – To promote the brands, products and services of the company.

The custom Phone Holding service that Mediafone provides includes the following services:

  • Suggestion of custom scripts;
  • Background music choosing that matches company profile and message;
  • Broadcaster choosing that matches the company identity;
  • Multilingual option – a great variety of native broadcasters in every necessary language;
  • Own studio recording;
  • Advising in regards to the best hardware or service.

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